Elite Dance Force Students Bring It To Competition

The Elite Dance Force competitive team participated in two prestigious competitions over the past month, taking home many titles, high score awards, specialty awards, invitationals and scholarships. 

First, they attended Rainbow National Dance Competition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Elite Dance Force was chosen as the Regional Studio of Excellence Winner, being given the KAR Heart Award. The students were recognized not only for their talent, but also for their sportsmanship, kindness, modesty and sincerity – ultimately the studio with the most heart. Junior dancer, Payton Magli was crowned Miss Petit Dancer of The Year for her solo “Looking Good”. EDF’s teen extended line “To Build A Home” was awarded the only judge’s choice award for exceptional choreography.

In their competition debut, EDF’s 5-6 year old mini company team won many exciting awards in addition to “Best Costume” and “Excellent Precision”. They also captured both first and second overall out of all group dances between the ages of 8 and under, winning them a $100 cash prize! This talented novice team also went on to achieve high point awards and placed in the top 5 at Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hall of Fame also brought other exciting wins for EDF students. The Intermediate group, “Dancing in the Dark” and senior group, “Blinding” were chosen as MVP winners and were inducted into the Hall of Fame Video Gala. The following students received highest score overall placings: Bella Ross, Mairi Morassut, Ben Jaremko, Maliyah Walls, Sydney Czop, Miranda Taylor and Kaitlyn Newell. These students not only received high scores, but also received scholarships to attend special master classes at Hall of Fame National Finals, and will dance in the opening act for the event. EDF’s entire full time competitive team will all be attending these National Finals in Traverse City, Michigan from June 30th to July 5th.

Elite Dance Force presents its Premiere Dance Production: EDF Onstage on Sunday, May 24th at the Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre. Tickets for this event are now available at the Station Mall Box Office.

A full list of Awards and Judge’s choice specialty awards are listed below.

Top Scores – Rainbow National Dance Competition – April 24-26th.

Payton Magli – Miss Petit Dancer of the Year

Tori Gamelin – Most Photogenic

Dancer of the Year Finalists – Angelina Brassard, Carly Higo, Jenna Mauro, Sydney Czop, Sophie

Bernardo, Emma Dingle, Megan Morgenstern, Maliyah Walls, Sierra Heintzman

NYC All Star Invitational and Scholarship – Jenna Mauro

Group High Point Overall Scores – Be Happy, Po’s Princesses, Autobots, Sweethearts, Man in the Mirror,

Angels, Once Upon a Dream

Solo and Duet High Point Overall Scores – Payton Magli, Miranda Taylor, Jenna Mauro, Sydney Czop,

Emma Dingle, Maliyah Walls, Mairi Morassut, Sierra Heintzman, Megan Morgenstern and Ben Jaremko


Judge’s Choice Awards – Po’s Princesses – “Best Costume”, Man in the Mirror – “Pride and Passion

Award”, Dangerous – “Great Partnering”, To Build a Home – “Choreography Award”

Top Scores – Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge – May 8-10th

Best in Category – Payton Magli (Jazz) & Sydney Czop (Jazz)

Cassandra Burzese – Most Photogenic

National All-Star Scholarship and Invitational – Miranda Taylor, Kaitlyn Newell, Sydney Czop, Ben Jaremko,

Maliyah Walls, Mairi Morassut, Bella Ross

Solo, Duet/Trio High Point and Overall Scores – Payton Magli, Lola Valente and Andrew Brienesse Duet, Miranda

Taylor, Kaitlyn Newell, Sydney Czop, Sydney Czop, Miranda Taylor and Megan Morgenstern Trio, Ben Jaremko,

Maliyah Walls, Ben Jaremko and Liam Morassut Duet, Ben Jaremko and Megan Morgenstern Duet, Mairi Morassut,

Bella Ross

Group High Point Overall Scores – Be Happy, Po’s Princesses, Hokey Pokey, Lambada, Sweethearts, Glamorous

Life, Dancing in the Dark, Control, Man in the Mirror, The Dance Tribe, Angels, Blinding

Judge’s Choice Awards – Po’s Princesses – “Precision Award”, Piper Quinn – “Showmanship Award”, Glamorous Life

– “Technical Excellence Award”, To Build a Home – “Pretty Pictures”, Teagan Jaehrling – “Swag Award”, Maliyah

Walls “Grace & Beauty”

MVP Hall of Fame Inductee Award Winners – Dancing in the Dark & Blinding

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